Spare Parts Are Our Job

Our brand, which has high quality certificates, has the mission of creating a high standard business partnership with the manufacturers. We have a large import and export portfolio and we establish international connections with the leading manufacturers of the sector and not by the brokerage houses.

Therefore we offer you the best quality products and the best prices.

Wide range of products

Export to 19 Countries

100% Customer Satisfaction

Innovative construction

Customer Happiness

As Pimotech, we continuously work to increase customer satisfaction and produce innovative solutions, and continuously produce new solutions without compromising the appropriate price policy.

We develop and progress every day with customer satisfaction, prompt delivery and competitive prices. We act by knowing the importance of quality and marking and by paying attention to this issue.

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We export to 19 countries and work hard to increase our market share.

As Pimotech, we are expanding our product range by expanding our product range by adding new products to our product range. We export to 19 countries including Australia, Azerbaijan, Albania, Bulgaria, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Italy, Libya, Lithuania, Macedonia, Morocco, Nigeria, Portugal, Russia, Serbia, Spain, Tunisia, Uganda and Ukraine. We explore the domestic and foreign markets and expand our targets day by day.

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